Steiss SXM200 Static Mattress - Med/High Risk  2000 x 900 x 150mm

Steiss SXM200 Static Mattress - Med/High Risk 2000 x 900 x 150mm

CODE: PR766245
Previous Codes: PR-091-16 : S1272 : WT8307

Technical static foam mattresses have been designed by Steiss Global innovators to offer the solution when dynamic air mattresses are not suitable. They also offer significant benefits in longevity and cost in use whilst offering superior pressure area care management. Steiss SXM200 is a 1-sided, dual position mattress providing ultimate pressure relief to grade 2/3, Medium/High risk. Manufactured with a high density HR foam base for support and the Upper part of the mattress is high density Visco elastic memory foam providing deep immersion, and complete weight distribution on the entire surface. Slow resilience premium memory foam takes an imprint of the body shape, follows its contours and maintains a floating state. Consequently the distribution of pressure is optimized over the entire surface, and shearing areas are reduced. This minimises the pressure points and blood circulation is more effective.Well known for its soothing properties that aid a natural relaxing feeling. A multistretch PU waterproof, vapour permeable cover protects the mattress from contamination and reduces surface shear friction. Cover is fully washable to 95’C to support disinfection regimes.

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