Aquapaint Painting with Water - Transport

Aquapaint Painting with Water - Transport

CODE: MC375017
Previous Codes: PC-130-013

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey With five carefully chosen designs including: a double decker red bus, a vintage care, a steam train, a motorcycle and a vintage moped, this Transport Aquapaint™ pack should help start conversation about different types of transport. The Aquapaint™ products are one of our best-selling activities for people in the mid to late point of their dementia journey. Each set comes with five different images that have been carefully selected to help start conversation when the painting is complete. The canvas starts off white, with a simple clear black outline of the image to help guide the painter. As water is brushed on to the canvas, a beautiful image is revealed giving the inidual that wonderful feeling of painting. You’re able to use the canvases time and time again, as when the paint dries, the image will fade back to white ready for reuse.

Please note this is a special order item and cannot be returned for credit

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