Creative Scenes - The Sewing Box

Creative Scenes - The Sewing Box

CODE: MC375007
Previous Codes: PC-130-028

About this Creative Scene Many young women would learn how to sew at school or were taught by their mothers. Whether creating decorative patches to cover holes in worn clothing or altering garments to suit both son and daughters, there wasn’t anything they couldn’t do with a needle and thread. How It Works As people’s dementia progresses, it becomes a struggle to pick puzzle pieces up and place them in the correct place. After discovering this through research, we wanted to design a product with no wrong answer that gives that same sense of achievement. This Creative Scene helps people to create their own sewing box using a set of magnetic pieces that are made from plastic. Each magnetic tool can be picked up and placed on the background wherever they choose, creating their very own sewing box. The design of all our Creative Scenes have been carefully illustrated to ensure they are reminiscent of the appropriate era so people can relate to them and prompt enjoyable conversation.

Please note this is a special order item and cannot be returned for credit

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