Sanitaire Clean Up Powder - 10 x 240g

Sanitaire Clean Up Powder - 10 x 240g

CODE: KI411007
Previous Codes: CH-057-42 : J1210 : ZZ00002940 : ZZ00002939

Leading clean-up powder, with its subtle floral fragrance and germicidal action it has been specially formulated for use in all emergency situations where body spills occur. Sanitaire’s fast acting absorbent powder helps prevent the spread of airborne germs and odours while also helping to prevent soiling being absorbed deeper into upholstery fabrics and floor-coverings. Economical to use, Sanitaire is an effective emergency treatment for all accidental spillage’s including; vomit, urine, blood and faeces as well as for cleaning-up food and drink spillages. Sanitaire absorbs up to 200 times its own volume weight and is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It is ideal for use in hospitals, care homes, clinics, institutions, doctors and veterinary surgeries.

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