Purell LTX Advanced Hand Rub - 3 x 700ml (1303-03)

Purell LTX Advanced Hand Rub - 3 x 700ml (1303-03)

CODE: HC145485
Previous Codes: CH-049-65 : J1880 : HK29-247

An unprecedented combination in hand sanitisers. Combining both antimicrobial efficacy and clinically proven maintenance of skin health. PURELLĀ® Advanced 700ml spearheads a total hand hygiene system that promotes infection control by maximising compliance. A breakthrough 'entire hospital' formulation with exceptional antimicrobial efficacy. A gel that feels great to use and is clinically proven to maintain skin health1. Conforms to: Bactericidal according to EN 1500 (hand wash), EN 12791 (surgical rub), EN 1040, EN 1276 and EN 13727, virucidal according to EN 14476, fungicidal and yeasticidal according to EN 1275 and tuberculocidal and mycobactericidal according to EN 14348.

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