Albac Standard Evacuation Mat 193cm x 64cm

Albac Standard Evacuation Mat 193cm x 64cm

CODE: EA786824
Previous Codes: PH-109-09

The AlbacMat from Blueleaf is an emergency rescue and evacuation aid, which enables iniduals with physical or mobility impairments to be quickly and safely moved to a point of safety in emergency situations. Primarily used in settings such as in care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, specialist schools, hotels and other public and private buildings. AlbacMats can also be used in confined spaces such as on aeroplanes or trains and can easily be carried by emergency rescue vehicles, due to its light-weight, compact design. The AlbacMat has a "flexible stretcher" type construction consisting of a lightweight supported vinyl sheet bonded to a polycarbonate flexible base board. Other features include, three cross straps for securing the patient/service user, a foot pocket, a thermal cover, a long pulling handle at the head end, a short positioning handle at the foot end and 6 positioning handles (three on each side) allowing for multiple rescuer contact. The AlbacMat comes in two sizes, standard or large and is suitable for use with both children and adults, as different methods of securing the cross can be used to enable this. The large size is approximately 30 cm wider than the standard (at the torso area), which enables the mat to accommodate extra bedding which can act as further padding for very elderly or fragile users. How does it work The AlbacMat is self-contained within its own highly visible storage bag, which has easy to follow pictorial instructions on the front and can be wall mounted ready for immediate use or stored in a cupboard with other emergency supplies - the packed dimensions of the AlbacMat are 38cm x 20cm x 18cm meaning it takes up very little space. In an emergency the AlbacMat is easily taken to the inidual to be evacuated and released from within its storage bag, by pulling the blue velcro fastening and simply "throwing" the mat out. The AlbacMat is then laid out beside the inidual ready for them to be transferred on to the device - this can performed from a bed, floor, chair or wheelchair. Once the transfer has been performed, ensuring that his/her feet are resting in the foot pocket - to prevent him/her from slipping down inside the mat when being moved down flights of stairs, the foil blanket can be used to cover the inidual and the florescent yellow velcro straps fastened up securing him/her on mat - various methods can be used. The Inidual is then ready to be towed to a point of safety. The AlbacMat has a polypropylene base which absorbs bumps while in transit and enables it to move easily over most surfaces, allowing it to be manoeuvred in a controllable manner which is less strenuous for the handlers.

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