Evacuation Sledge with Wall Hung Pouch

Evacuation Sledge with Wall Hung Pouch

CODE: EA786821
Previous Codes: PH-109-32 : A9314 : MH54-183

This device consists of dual inner foam, lower layer firm to ride over any surfaces, carpets, concrete or any bumps like stairs, and an upper layer for patient comfort. There are safety belts and a foot pocket to hold the patient in place, pulling loops at each end and a tough slippery coated bottom side. The loop at the head end is to hold back when descending stairways. The whole item is stored in a pouch and can hang on the wall.
Weight: 5.5kg
Dimensions (Folded): 60 x 60 x 15cm
Folds: 3
FR: BS7177 : 1996 Crib 5
Capacity of unit: 320kg
SWL: 150kg

Instruction for use

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