iVo Steam Athena 8 Plus Machine

iVo Steam Athena 8 Plus Machine

CODE: CM511263
Previous Codes: J1821

Compact, Powerful 8 Bar SDV Steam MachineThe Athena 8 Steam Cleaners are compact and designed to powerfully excel at a wide variety of steam cleaning tasks, including tasks usually only tackled by much larger, more cumbersome machines.With their 8 bar power, and the ability to utilise detergent along with the steam and vacuum, the iVo Steam Machines give impressive cleaning performance.The Athena 8 is compact enough for one person to carry upstairs or between sites, making these steam cleaners a real game changing innovation for anyone moving cleaning equipment around their site, or between different locations.The iVo Steam Machines are self-descaling, have continuous steam function, and are operated by digital controls, making them among the most advanced on the market.The standard attachment kits include a wide variety of tools for a huge number of different cleaning tasks and scenarios.Comes with the following attachments:1x Steam vacuum hose with control handle1x Multifunction floor tool 400mm1x Squeegee Fitting 400mm1x Carpet Fitting 400mm1x Universal Fitting 400mm1x Glass cleaner fitting 400mm1x Multifunction tool 150mm1x Glass cleaner fitting 150mm1x Bristle brush fitting 150mm1x Steam lance adapter1x Bristle brush 30mm1x Nozzle 80mm1x Detail vacuum tool2x Steam vacuum extensions1x Tank filling bottle1x Funnel

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